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Personal, Business, and Community Video Services.
Florence, Ala
.aka. Having Fun with video technology and YouTube.  

On Facebook we have a group for those interested in Parrots around the Florence Alabama area.  Parrot people let's chat.

Community Video:  Would you like to be a part of making a video?  Maybe a short documentary or how to do something, play a song, do something cool.   Join us, is new, but will be where we collaborate once we start up the group.  Feel free to join the group so you are notified when others join. Create something great,  Drone, Greenscreen, multicamera,4k technology. It's new and just beginning so jump in and say hello.
​We love to play around with Greenscreen here are a couple of cool videos with Greenscreen. 

Recordings for Generations:  (Legacy Videos)  It is so important to have a video chat with Mom or Grandad while they are still with us.  In a guided interview we can ask questions about their life, history, listen to their wisdom, get to know who they really are, what they have done, what they learned.  How many times will friends and family say, “I didn’t know that about you”. It’s not just for those who might pass before great grandkids get to see them, it’s for everyone to tell their story.  Some folks have a special knowledge or talent, and would like to share it with the world, some want to create a family group talk and send their love to someone far away,  others like to tell children’s stories, or a collection of comments from friends attending a life event.  The possibilities for video production are as endless as each of our experiences.  Legacy videos can be short or long, we recommend about 10 minutes for the final production, but the content is gathered over a much longer conversation, so only the best gets published to youtube as either a public, private, or unlisted video.

Local Videos

Mac Birch Services

  • Interview attendees at an event or party

  • Show how you do your art, and put it on YouTube 

  • Teach about a subject you know a lot about

  • Play your instrument, put your performance on YouTube

  • Gather the family and make a video for those who can't be with you

  • A one on one interview with granddad, so his knowledge, experience, and essence can be passed down to future generations

Play videos on YouTube
for best results
We have moved to Florence Alabama

PublicAccessNM aka Rio Rancho Media will no longer be updated with local videos.  We will be shutting down with ourselves moving to another state.  

If anyone would like to keep this going please contact me, it can be transferred at no cost to continue as an Albuquerque/RR  community service.​

All videos will remain available on Youtube.

Rio Rancho Media


Recordings for Generations

See our 13 episode series
Survival Preparations for the family



Drone Aerial Photography & Video

We use Phantom 4 Pro drones for 4K video and 20 megapixel images.


Then we build the video or process the photo images.  Optionally we can create a you-tube channel or website for you.

Drone video and photo is not all about an 300 foot aerial shot. Many awesome shots are from 10 to 40 feet.  We can also shoot and combine your voice and your message with the video. Shooting at 4K means we can pull any frame from the video to make an awesome photo image.

Fun things to capture on video


Wouldn't it be good to capture what and who is important in your life right now?


Getting married?  In the reception or in the garden we set up a camera station and talk with your guests, recording their own personal message to you.

At a non-profit event we can interview the folks who support you, and you will get to know them much better.  You can develop the questions to ask, we will combine the responses into a video or develop a PSA.


What do you know about your parents and grandparents?  What are their words of wisdom for you? What did they experience while they were growing up? What message do they have for their children and all who come after?  In our Recordings for Generations program they can be with you forever.  




A Testimonial




Entrepreneurs, video is an important part of your product readiness.  We can not only cut your video, we can help in the planning process also.


There are many ways to communicate the idea in video.  We can help plan a strategy for you to reach your target audience. 

Your family can gather and send a video message to someone who is not currently with you.  Extra discount if the recipient is deployed overseas.  Send them a Youtube link to your personal message to them.

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