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 Video Services overview

Family Services 

Is about capturing a moment in time for others to see.   Maybe it is a personal discussion with Dad, or Grandmom about their life and values.   How much do you really know about Mom's childhood, this is a great gift for someone special to ask what made them who they are.   When given as a gift this service is a flat $60, including topic discussion, video recording, editing, and putting on YouTube as a public or private video.  


Special Events 

At a reception or event we can set up to interview your guests, and let them express their personal message to you.   


Family Connections 

Is there a family member who is a long distance away?  Perhaps overseas.  Let's put together a personal video message to show them you care about them.   If the family member is in the military special discounts apply.    


Family Informational Service

A video life instructions of how your pets or children should be cared for should you not be around to care for them.  Video inventory is also a good idea in case there is a need to make an insurance claim.  Note:  a video will is not a legal entity but can provide clarification to a written will as to your expectations for performance.


Performer Services

Do you have a talent you would like to share with the world?  Perhaps performing a song, teaching how to create artwork, reading a children's story for your kids, a recital, dance moves, or performing some awesome rock and roll.    We can help you put together your portfolio in any media.


Business Services

Need a video for your web site?  Want to launch a marketing campaign, build a web site or a YouTube channel.  We can help you make it happen.  We come with an array of talents from marketing, product readiness, program management, social media, and business entrepreneurship.  



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