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Personal Video Services

Imagine sitting down with your dad or grandmother and finding out about the things they did and who they were in their youth.    What makes personal video services different is that the purpose is to make a personal connection for someone else to see.  You want to convey something that is important to you, so the recording is done in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Together we will formulate 5 to 10 questions or topics to talk about.  The video can be of one person or an entire family.  If we want to have an interviewer, they can be on camera or off.  We are essentially recording a conversation which is of a personal nature, capturing the very essence of the person telling their story.
You choose 5 to 10 leading questions to ask.  Here are some links to find sample questions.  

Here are some examples

  • Through the years what are the most significant events in your family?

  • Tell us about your first date?

  • What do you remember most when you were growing up?

  • What do you remember about your great grandmother?

  • What have you learned about yourself over the years?

  • What three events most shaped your life?

  • What message would you like to share with your family?

  • What do you want people to know when you're gone?

  • Talk about each of your childhood friends?

  • about your relationship with their parents?

  • first crushes or romantic relationships?

  • liked or hated high school and why?

  • how you met and married your spouses?

  • what cars you have owned and why you chose them?

  • Where have you lived?

  • Who were your teachers?

  • What music do you like?

  • What subjects did you like at school?

  • What toys do you like? 

  • What games you played?

  • Did you like school?

  • Favorite place you have lived?

  • How do you like to celebrate holidays?

  • Plans you had and what happened?

  • How has the world changed in your lifetime?

  • What events have been the most fun?

  • Who are your best friends as adults?

  • What you hope for your grandchildren?

  • What major events did you live through?

  • Were you in the services?

  • What would you change if you could start over?

Some links to other questions

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Send me an email to discuss your idea, an initial planning session is free, and if you would like to proceed we can get it done.   If this is a gift for someone else we will discount further, because giving is a wonderful thing to do.   
                                               Mac at

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